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    Text insert

    I'm currently drawing a storyboard.
    I setup my page so I can have 6 rectangles for the drawings with some space under to write notes or even the technical shot.

    So it would be nice to have a simple text tool to just write something.
    Now I am fully aware that this is probably not a very interesting request
    so I am rating it 1.5 stars.
    Once the team gets done with all the other features requested then maybe you can see if this is usefull for anything else than my own selfish need. 8)

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    Text would be useful

    I was thinking that a 'text' option would be useful as well.

    It would be handy when doing scenes posters/signs etc in the background.

    I occasionally do a little storyboarding myself but I think I would rather stick to a basic dedicated program like 'Springboard' for this purpose.

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