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Thread: Working in Layers Question

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    Working in Layers Question

    I am wondering if I save will the layers stay separate? Or will they automatically blend together?

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    If you save as an ArtRage file or export to a .psd file it should hold the layers.

    Other file formats that don't use layers like .jpg will flatten out, or as you say 'blend'.

    One thing, when in doubt about something, open the program, make a couple layers, make a mark on each, save it (in various ways you want to know about), and re-open them. You needn't do a whole painting to check out something like that.

    But also, you can ask us, like you did. Just in case you need an answer immediately, this would be a way.


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    Thanks, I appreciate the quick response.

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    Whee, thanks D_Akey

    One other important thing:

    When you're saving your painting to work on later, always use the save function to save as a painting file / PTG ( the default ).

    While you can export via File -> Export as Image, this is really for when you want to show the image somewhere else or use it in another application. PTG files contain all the extra Artrage information which other formats do not, such as paint thickness, wetness and so on so are the best format to continue working from internal to ArtRage.

    Hope that's of some use!

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