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Thread: saving user settings

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    saving user settings

    Something like this already has been mentioned I think.

    But not sure about the reference image(s) ?

    When saving an ArtRage file, is it also possible to
    save the reference image(s) too?

    Now I always have to import them separetely.

    Also for example the zoom and move features!

    All settings as they where used at that moment.

    When loading back in, the zoom , move ,reference image(s)
    etc... are exact at the same place(position) when I left.


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    I've wished for that too Johan.
    Be well,

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    Y'know, we agonized over the zoom, pan and rotate settings.
    They are actually stored with the project file. But we decided, at least for this version, that loading a project with the entire scene visible would be prefered.
    In a future ArtRage, we might make it optional to start 'where you left off'.

    Storing the reference images with the project is a good idea - we do it with the tracing paper so it makes sense to do the reference images as well.
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    It would be great if we could save our favorite paper settin

    It would be great if we could save our favorite paper settings so it uses that as our default paper every time we start up Art Rage.

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    Also would be cool if there was a user preset canvas size setting.
    Maybe some pre-made sizes to pickfrom as well.
    I know several concept guys that like to work on 8.5x11 for character designs.
    And still others that do matte paintings that would love to be able to set
    a film aspect ratio as there default....
    I'm just thinking it would be nice to set up the size canvas I like to use so
    that whenever I start up AR I don't have to resize the canvas.

    I'm thinking of a Menu that has maybe 6 pre-set standard options and
    one Other that the user can permanently cofigure.
    1. 8.5x11
    2. 11x17
    3. 4:3 film/TV
    4. 1.66:1 film
    5. 16:9 film/TV
    6. 2.35:1 film

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    Can this be me posting?

    Hi Dbreaux,

    I am an "If it aint broke, don't fix it!" Artrage user!

    But this time I want a change too.
    All the sizes you mentioned, plus A2 to A5 euro sizes.

    Straight out of the printer and into a frame. In fact the corresponding envelope sizes would be good too, to allow for a border/mount.
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