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Thread: Problem with Exporting to PNG

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    Problem with Exporting to PNG

    I have an old ArtRage file made with ArtRage 2.2. I opened it with ArtRage 2.5 and when I exported it to JPEG and TIFF formats, the colors are ok. But when I exported it to PNG format, the colors got lighter and brighter. Please help me. I made a new file using ArtRage 2.5 and exported to PNG and TIFF formats and the colors look different for both (the PNG's colors are darker than the TIFF's colors and even the system screenshot). I hope to get some answers. Thank you.

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    I received your private message regarding this and sent you a reply. I'll take a look at the files when I get them and let you know what the cause of that is + suggest what you can do.
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