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Thread: Artrage and Windows Vista

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    Artrage and Windows Vista

    I downloaded and installed Artrage 2.0 on my Windows Vista laptop on Friday. Used it without incident for a couple of days, now I can't boot up the computer. I use it with the Wacom Bamboo pad, have had no problems until installing Artrage. When I turn on the machine I get a few vertical lines, nothing else.

    Anyone seen anything like this before?

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    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear you're having a problem starting your machine. That won't be caused by ArtRage as Artrage doesn't change anything in your operating system or relate to system startup so unfortunately there's not really anything I can do from an Artrage perspective that will help you to solve this.

    Booting your computer into safe mode may enable you to troubleshoot startup problems, but if unsure I'd recommend getting a technician to check it out for you.
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    It sounds like a hardware problem, or a driver problem with Vista.
    ArtRage 2.5 is a Windows Vista Certified application and doesn't do anything to a system that well-behaved applications shouldn't do.
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