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Thread: are Artrage files LOSSY or LOSSLESS?

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    are Artrage files LOSSY or LOSSLESS?

    I realize that I can only use artrage files within artrage, but since I use my images in many sizes and am wondering whether I can change the image size as much as I want to and then save to psd and jpeg files from there?

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    ArtRage painting files store all the information relating to a painting you're working on. If you save as an ArtRage painting file (*.ptg), then reload later it will have ALL the information from your painting, without any loss of quality.
    ArtRage painting files are the format you should always keep your work in if you ever want to do more work on your painting and have all the paint information exactly how you left it. They are the ONLY file format that preserves all the painting information for ArtRage.
    If you want to resize a painting for posting on the forum, you should save it as an ArtRage painting file BEFORE you resize/rescale it. Then resize or rescale the painting, export it as a JPG or whatever. Dont re-save your painting file over-top of your un-resized painting, or you'll lose some of the quality.
    Every time you rescale an ArtRage painting, some of the image quality is lost. The best thing to do is keep a copy of your ArtRage painting file at the original size, and start from there to do a resize. Make sure you dont save the resized painting overtop your original sized one or you wont have the original to go back to.

    So just to reiterate that. If you want to keep a painting file in the exact quality with all the paint information from when you painted it, save it as an ArtRage painting file (*.ptg).
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