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Thread: Knighting Goofy

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    kenmo - Disney couldn't have done it better because old Walt could not draw his way out of a paper bag.

    The artist in their outfit was Ub Iwerks and later a whole bunch of folks. Walt's strength was organizing things and motivating personnel, he left drawing to other people.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arenhaus View Post
    Minnie's face is a bit skewed. Check it with some redlining; it's basically a sphere with a nose attached, so the eyes must follow the curve of the sphere. Here they don't. And the nose is too far to the right.

    Just a few minor tweaks can fix it, nothing big.
    I was aware of the distortion when I painted it. Basically I used some reference drawings of Mickey/Minnie that had the distortion in them (many of the 2D cartoons do) and decided I liked the way it looked, even though it wasn't "correct". If it's too distracting I may go back some day and try a more correct 3D look.

    Thanks everyone for your comments!

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