We've had multiple reports from Mac OSX users who have Stuffit installed that the ArtRage .zip file cannot be opened. In all cases so far, this problem seems to be caused by Stuffit failing to open an archive created using the standard, default OSX Archive tool.

If you have any problems opening the ArtRage .zip file with Stuffit on OSX, you can still use the normal OS tool by right clicking (or Ctrl-clicking) the file and from the Open With menu option selecting BOMArchiveHelper as the tool to open the file. This is the standard tool Apple provides with the OS and it does not appear to display the problem. If you select the option to use this tool whenever you open Zip files you should not experience the problem in the future.

We have contacted the Stuffit developers in the hope that we can find out what's going on. I would just like to reassure OSX users that we are only using standard tools provided by Apple to create these files.