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Thread: Children using Artrage

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    Children using Artrage

    HI all,
    I`m a newbie to this forum.
    I`ve just bought wacom bamboo fun with artrage2 for my daughter for Christmas.
    Expensive for our family but I guess we`ll all have a go. I know I will. ops:
    Anyway, anyone got any children`s art to view. She won`t need much encouragement but a goal or aim regarding skill or finesse levels would be great.
    Well, looking forward to any replies.
    Happy Dad.

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    there is a xmas card project on the art project forum.....that might be nice to see
    Draw what you see!....not what you think you see!!
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    Thanks enchanter

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    We have at times had regular contributors as young as 13 and occasional contributors even much younger. There's no age limit here.

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    Ambient Design
    Welcome to the forums! I hope you and your daughter have lots of fun with ArtRage.

    Sorry to jump on this post with a technical note, but here's a couple of things you'll probably find handy

    It will definitely be worthwhile updating ArtRage to the latest version when you first install it ( either via "check for updates" in the Help menu or by downloading the latest installer from )
    This will give you Artrage 2.5 which has a bunch of new features including stencils and other fun stuff.

    The registration key for ArtRage is printed on the plastic sleeve which the CD comes in, and is called a "serial number" on the packaging, which can sometimes trip people up.

    If you have any error messages when starting the latest version of ArtRage which tell you that the tablet can't be found, downloading Wacom's latest tablet drivers from their website at will correct this for you.
    Resident Bug-Hunter
    Ambient Design

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