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Thread: In Praise of ArtRage

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    In Praise of ArtRage

    I am trying to make some things larger, almost 3000 pixels. I use an old laptop with hardly any RAM. And yet Atrage is managing to do this for me, whilst nothing else can.

    Thank you, ArtRage gentlemen =), for ArtRage.

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    and if you have any problems with the speed, try the nolight button F5!
    This speeds artrage up....

    but indeed a great application (over and over and over :wink: )


    Artrage 2.6 & Wacom Intuos 3 A5
    XP SP2

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    I agree with the OP. I gave Corel Painter X away in favour of Artrage simply because Artrage runs better and is far more intuitive. Painter has become bloatware and Artrage fulfils my needs extremely well.

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    Yes, Corel Painter has too many brushes which annoyed me a lot.
    AR is great! Could be more simple though.

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    How can a program have too many brushes?

    Maybe for beginners or buying the program as a gift for someone who has an interest in art, but doesn't yet know a lot, getting stopped cold by too many possibilities could be real enough. But hopefully one gets past being a beginner at some point.

    And over time, I'm sure any individual would settle into a few brushes that they go to most and not use the others much if ever. And one person's favorites might be different from the next person's.

    Not using a brush does not cause issues. Needing it and not having it does.

    The kinds of marks one can presently make in ArtRage are great. And I've been anticipating with great enthusiasm some different brushes and hope they address that area in the next upgrade. I've heard that echoed time and again.

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