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Thread: Recommended Tablet or Other Input Device?

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    Recommended Tablet or Other Input Device?


    I just started using ArtRage 2 and love it but feel that there must be a better input device to use than a mouse. A quick Google search brought back digital tablets as an option. I have no experience with these and wouldn't know a good one from a bad one.

    What recommendations do you have? Are there good, cheap tablets? I'm not a professional. I'm using ArtRage for fun and stress management. I find it far more enjoyable than playing video games to relieve stress.

    Are there options other than tablets?

    Thanks for your help!


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    I can't imagine using ArtRage without a pen and tablet. The pressure sensitivity and pen control is a must, in my opinion. :-)

    I use a Wacom Bamboo Fun, which I'd highly recommend. It's inexpensive and a great pleasure to use.

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    I agree - just bought a Bamboo Fun (A5 version) and am very happy with it.

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    I'd go for a pen with two sidebuttons and an eraser in the end. I use the sidebuttons all the time. One for picking up colors from the painting and another for CTRL+Z. The Erasor isn't a must, but it's nice to use since its automatic. Eg. I'm painting oils and want to erase a bit. The moment I flip the pen over - ArtRage changes to the Erasor tool. Cool.

    I use a Wacom. It's my second one Wacom and I'm very pleased with it.

    Only thing is the size. Startet out with one size A6 - that was OK. Then I thought one size A5 would be great. And it is - but there's one downside: Its takes up a lot of extra space in front of the monitor.

    So my advice: Evaluate your work environment before buying.

    All the best,

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    The moment I flip the pen over - ArtRage changes to the Erasor tool. Cool.
    When you flip the pen over does the current tool change to the Eraser tool? I ask because although the Eraser tool works, the current tool is still highlighted, making it slightly frustrating if I need to change the size, pressure or softness as I need to select the Eraser tool manually.

    I have downloaded and installed the latest Bamboo Fun drivers.


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