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Thread: Blend Mode, Pen and Flood fill

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    Blend Mode, Pen and Flood fill

    Hi all,

    1. If I want to start with a sketch and then fill color on it, are these steps correct?
    Step 1: Base layer - draw figure with a pencil
    Step 2: Add a new layer and set its blend mode to 'tint' and fill color on this layer.

    2. Are there information on what are different blend mode of layer?
    3. How to simulate ball pen in ArtRage 2.5? In Corel Essential, there is a pen tool.
    4. Are there "flood fill" tool in ArtRage? (similar to paintbrush of win)

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi there,

    1/ That's correct. "tint" is basically a multiply blend mode, which is good for that sort of thing.

    2/ The best description of what the blend modes do can be found in the "Layer Blending" section of the Manual from the Help menu which describes the 4 basic modes ( Normal, Tint, Shadow, Highlight ). This also has some visual examples which explain them better than I could here. The rest of the blend modes are comparable to Photoshop's blend modes.

    3/ You could either use the pencil with "precise" turned on, or the marker tool at a very small setting I would say for the look you're probably after.

    4/ There isn't a flood fill tool in ArtRage, but you can use the paint roller for large areas ( pressing lightly lays down thicker paint as it doesn't get squashed down as hard ), and use stencils to constrain yourself to areas.

    Hope that helps!
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    Thanks a lot, DaveRage

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