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Thread: Are you all millionairs...?

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    Jul 2007

    Are you all millionairs...?

    ... or retirees or fulltime artists? (Sorry for the headline... :wink: )

    Im just wondering about how many of you actually have so much time to paint and post so many beautiful pictures each and every day. Some of you actually post a handful of paintings almost every day, some others post comments under so many pictures - some of you seem to sit right in front of your computers just waiting for new pictures being posted here waiting for comments.

    Ive been curious for so long now that I just ask you if you are all fulltime artists? Millionairs who dont need to work anymore ? Pensioners? Do you have any other hobbies?

    A little about myself: My main occupation is "software developer" and I basically have time to paint something at the weekends or in my holidays. And there are so many other hobbies I have (photography, music, 3D creation, cooking...)

    I really envy you for your painting time! :roll:

    Thanks for your answers in advance,

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    Tiffin, OH USA
    Ok, I'll play. I'm retired and spend my time as a house husband. We have three grandkids living with us during the school year. I have my evenings to myself after they go to bed and my wife goes to work, plus time during the day to pop in and post comments. As I write this I'm in the process of preparing our Thanksgiving dinner (turkey, stuffing, potatoes etc) a day late due to scheduling issues.

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    Why do some people spend so much time at the gym? Same thing for me.

    I'm a professional artist who is working to expand into writing. I found that being an artist has been a particularly non-verbal experience for me, so I'm trying to build up the flabby muscles of the communicator and writer in me. This forum serves that.

    Posting like I do has been sharpening the speed with which I am able to assess and respond and come up with ideas -- all a matter of working with words and hoping to meet people where they're coming from as the names and posts keep tumbling in. It focuses me.

    Writing without a specific reason is good for introspection and things like that, with meandering discovery as the process, but I'm finding that to really go somewhere, I need the outer connection -- a situation to address that interests me.

    What has kept me writing here is that I get off on seeing people learn to paint and hope that my contribution helps somebody somewhere. More interesting to me than novelizing some murder detective story or whatever.

    Your timing with this question is interesting, to say the least. Were it not that I have grown fond of the people here, I would have directed my energies elsewhere much sooner.

    I work at my computer and use this forum to clear my head between rounds of work. And my business gets busy then slows down, then gets busy again. I am here more when things are slower.

    I find this forum dynamic and it also lets me experience a group artist energy. And I'm truly fond of the people who come here.

    And yes, this forum seems to be liberally peppered with geezers. I'm over 50.

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    I'm a graphic designer by trade. For the last while i have been doing volunteer work so that has given me time to im starting full time paid work ill pretty much be a weekend warrior

    I love how this forum is so inclusive of different styles and levels of skills,its great for people like me who have a bit of a different style and are still baby beginners in terms of classical realism drawing skills..the friendliness makes it ok to try without fretting about the outcome and by putting stuff out there i learn such a lot from people who give gentle advice.

    its such a friendly little community which is also why i cant stay away..miss my ragefriends if im away too long

    "I like to have a thing suggested rather than told in full. When every detail is given, the mind rests satisfied, and the imagination loses the desire to use its own wings."
    ~Thomas Bailey Aldrich~

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    I graduated as a Computer Aided Product Designer..(thats long)...CAD in short. So I've done some 3D product design stuff...I've always been doing some form of art.

    I decided to become a teacher a few years ago..but didnt do anything about it till last year. I enroled onto a 1 year intensive course and graduated this the moment while im looking for a permanent post., I am a supply/ substitute teacher....and it is hard work.

    I started with ArtRage early last at that time I didnt do that much in the evenings and had loads of time to play with AR. When I started the course I done a few paintings. At the end of the course the pressure was on .......I think I only done 1 or 2 paintings. At the moment...I'm so tired...the only time i get to paint is early Saturday I'm not getting in any practice.

    So I would like to spend more time painting.........I'm going to try and do some traditional art too :shock:

    I will find a way
    Draw what you see!....not what you think you see!!
    My artist friend

    We Must each think of ourselves as an endless work in progress ....Harley Brown

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    Thanks for posting this topic Marco!

    I was wondering about this too. I tried to comment on others paintings and I found more and more I didnt have any time to do any painting myself. I work a full time job and usually only have time in the evening to pursue my graphics hobby. I have found that I was just not able to spend so much time on the forum even though I would love to. I would really like to be able to comment on everyones paintings but I just dont have the time. With so many more people posting I dont have time to see the paintings let alone comment on them.
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    I to will get in the game.. I'm a retired Manufacturing Manager.. Lots of hours with cad programs.. I love to fiddle about with digital painting.. I also enjoy looking and reading the posts here.. I live to listen to jazz and have a large music collection.. I also have a wood working shop and build custom made stools.. Theology courses on the internet takes up a couple of hours each day.. In my spare time I enjoy reading and of course, cooking.. I have been retired for nine years, and have not had a boring day yet.. As a side note, my wife of 51 years is also retired and loves to spend her time in the yard with the flowers.. In short, life is great..
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    Yes I'm "retired" too and like Robert I'm un homme de foyer (house husband) with two children to look after (10 years and 5 years of age) I'm 66 and this is my second marriage................I have 2 adult daughters who live in England and 5 grandchildren!
    I still sometimes play gigs for fun but always continue songwriting............ I have lots of free time and I love this forum and the supportive people I paint a lot.whenever I can.

    I agree with Aunt Betsy........thanks for posting this Marco!
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    Best to you

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    Thanks to all of you for answering so detailed and frankly! I really appreciate that. So some of you are actually pensioners - I expected something like that.

    @Peter Pinckney: Thanks. You are a musician, too? (like me?) Cool 8) What do you play (or do you sing? - like me) And yes, you are actually one of the people I thought of while writing my above question

    @Rick: Thank you. You also have a very diversified day, dont you? I think when I will be retired one day there also wont be any boring day for me (but thats still a long way to go (about 30 years... :wink: ). Nice to hear you love cooking, too.

    @Aunt_Betsy: Thanks a lot. Its the same for me - I would love to comment on all the excellent paintings here, too, but you could almost spend everyday doing this as a fulltime job.

    @ENCHANTER: Thank you, too. You also have a very interesting background. As far as painting is concerned you seem to be in a similar situation like me.

    @Selby: Thanks. Nice to see you are a professional graphics designer. Good luck for your new fulltime job! You are absolutely right - I have never seen such a friendly community like this and Im very active in different forums with all kind of stuff. I love this community, too, although Im mostly a passive/reading member. I try to have a look here every single day.

    @D Akey: Thanks a lot. Yeah, you are actually the one I had in mind when mentioning that there are people you seem to find the time to comment on almost every single painting here Now I understand why. Thanks again. I was always wondering about your excellent and detailed analytical reflections about the paintings here and I really admire your writing skills - now I know what its all about. Your comments are always highly appreciated by everybody here (by me, too!). One question that I asked myself actually a couple of times - have you ever posted any own paintings? I would love to see some of them!

    @RobertSWade: Thank you, too. You are also one of the very active people here. I hope your Thanksgiving dinner was delicious!

    I hope to find some time for some painting this weekend :wink:


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    Quote Originally Posted by marcotronic
    One question that I asked myself actually a couple of times - have you ever posted any own paintings? I would love to see some of them!
    Hi Marco,

    I don't post my paintings for a couple reasons. The foremost one is that I can remain neutral in people's minds, which gives my comments a neutrality to apply to a diverse group like this. I can comment on abstract, illustrative, impressionistic, and everything else without people pegging me as an impressionist commenting, or a cubist commenting. . .

    I don't want people to think my way is what I'm directing them to become. I want it to be entirely about them becoming (or continuing with) who they are with all the world's artists as inspiration if they care to take advantage of that wealth.

    And let's not forget the infamous artist's ego. I don't want to establish a one -upsmanship situation.

    Also, I have no aspirations in that direction. I don't find doing art all that much fun anymore. I really wish I did. It is work to me.

    I try not to make it about me when I'm here. And my attempt to help and encourage others is an expression of my philosophy -- that we're all essentially the same person, just separated at birth by our bodies.

    And at this part of my life, I have been very intent on checking out my philosophy in the real world, not just in my head using logic or whatever. I'm expressing it in my life in order to see how and if it works. Posting here is one of my ways to check out if that concept has any quality or merit.

    My life and philosophy is my personal art form. And your kind words tell me that you have already observed it when you read these forums. That's my art. It doesn't sell, and hopefully it won't get me hung.


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