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Thread: Have been unable to use ArtRage

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    Have been unable to use ArtRage

    ArtRage came bundled with my new Wacom Tablet. Unfortunately though I have been unable to get ArtRage to work on my computer. I have had a thread open on the Wacom forum since 8th November but have, as yet, received little technical help on troubleshooting the problem/s.

    To save typing out the whole scenario again and pasting crash reports, the original thread can be found here:

    (Seems I'm unable to post links on this forum, so I trust you can go to the Wacom forum yourself and search for my username to find my post entitled 'Bundled software not working').

    I would be interested to know the cause of this problem and a suitable workaround. Like many, the purchase of my pen tablet was sweetened by the additional bundled software like ArtRage which I was looking forward to using.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Have been unable to use ArtRage

    Best is to email Dave who handles technical and sales support at Support mail is read and replied to Monday - Friday NZ time.

    Just posting on the forums here does not mean that the ArtRage guys will necessarily see it. Official support is to email at the email I gave above.

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    Hi Willwood,
    I can't find your posts on the Wacom site - which Wacom site?

    What're the basic symptoms? What Operating Sysem are you using, on what type of computer?
    Are you able to start ArtRage at all - can you check the version information from the 'Help, About ArtRage' menu?

    Thanks for any additional information you can supply.
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    I've answered via email and added details to the post on the Wacom site. I have also forwarded the thread and relevant information to Wacom directly so that they can pass it on to anyone else who has a problem getting 2.5 Wacom Edition running on Leopard.

    Essentially, the 5.05-2 drivers are required to run ArtRage 2.5 on Mac OSX Leopard.

    If there are any problems after those drivers are in, I'll post updates if it's a general problem other users might experience.
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