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Thread: Dry brush redux

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    Dry brush redux

    Hey there!

    Once again, thanks for a quality piece of software. Also thanks for implementing one of my suggestions, the "turn off all lighting" feature.

    I'm getting back into heavy use of ArtRage for drawing, and have a comment / suggestion for the one thing I need the most: Dry brush blending like in 2.11.

    I've been doing some tests with the oil tools (brush, knife, tube, roller), to see if I could find out what I don't like about the blending in the latest version, and what was so good about the old dry brush. Here's what it boils down to:

    Of all the available options, I like the flat pallette knife the best. Here's an ascending list:
    • The felt-tip / white combo lightens the colours, plus you have to change colours to use it.
    • The edgy pallette knife is not really a blending tool as it leaves too sharp a trail. Useful for other things, I guess.
    • The soft pallette knife is (very) slow for me, and unpredictable - your cursor is a line, but the tool affects the middle of the stroke the most, so it's hard to control. Plus, it's too "soft" for me - it blurs / mixes a bit too much.
    • The dry brush just stops working after a few strokes, and is unpredictable. You can't tell if it will work or not on a given area of the painting, unless you have a very bumpy area straight out of the tube.
    • The flat pallette knife is workable, but requires too many strokes for it to be really good. Most of this comes from the necessity to mask the flat edge it leaves, so I find myself going back over the end of the stroke a few times.

    All right, so I tried an experiment. I pressed F5 to turn off the lighting, and then smeared a couple of adjacent colour areas with the tube. That means that the bumpyness is very thick in that area, but you don't see the shadows / highlights because the lighting is off. Then I tried blending that area with the dry brush, and it worked almost perfectly for the first stroke - after that no blending was possible anymore.

    The perfect tool for me would be a tool that works like the flat pallette knife, but has the same dynamics as the brush, that is, varies in size and doesn't leave a sharp edge. I'd need one single key to get into this mode, so you could go from a loaded brush to this tool, and back. That's it. Closest to this is the old dry brush.

    This option could even be "undocumented" like the F5 to turn off lighting, for all I care. But right now, it feels like ArtRage is 95% there for all my painting needs (other suggestion would be a universal tool scale factor, so you can work in higher resolutions without in effect having all your tools scaled down).

    ArtRage team, what do you say?

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    BTW, here's an illustration I did that shows how mch I have to rely on coloured pencil details on top of the oils these days:


    Can't embed an image, it seems - you'll have to doctor the above to see the image.

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