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Thread: Pen losing contact with Artrage

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    Pen losing contact with Artrage


    I'm experiencing the problem that when I lift my pen from my tablet so that they are no longer able to communicate with one another, and then place the pen back on the tablet to continue painting, it takes Artrage between 2 and 5 seconds to figure out where my pen is and allow me to continue painting. Any idea what could be causing this behavior and what I can do to prevent it from happening? Thanks,

    - daal

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    Hi there,

    This isn't a behavior I've seen before and it sounds like something that would be good to troubleshoot with you, so can I get you to email me directly at with:

    Your operating system
    The make and model of tablet
    The version of ArtRage?

    I'll then check a few things out with you to see what we can find out about the nature of this problem.
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