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Thread: Creating gradients

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    Creating gradients

    hi everyone, i've spent the last few days getting to grips with my new copy of ArtRage & so far have been learning loads of new things but there is one thing i'm stuck on. In the manual it talks about creating gradients using varying transparency stencils but I can't seem to put this into practice, I want to create a simple gradient in order to add a bit of depth to my WIP, as the ones already on the program can only ever be square as far as I can tell, but i want to create a rectangular gradient. Anyone got any ideas as to how would go about creating this?

    Hope that wasn't too long-winded, & thanks in advance for any help recieved


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    Hi Thunder. Welcome to the forum. Try this...

    File, New Painting...
    800x800, OK.

    File, Import Image...
    Locate Gradients folder in Artrage program folder.
    Import Linear.png.

    Tools, Layer Options, Edit Paper Settings...
    Turn down Roughness to 0% to make it smoooth.

    Edit, Rescale the Painting...
    UnClick 'Keep the original painting aspect'.
    Select Width/Height by choice, eg. 800x600.

    File, Export As Image...
    Select filetype PNG Image.
    Export image 'NewGradient.png' to your own document folder.

    Open the painting you want to work on.

    Tools, Stencil Options... Load A Stencil From Disk...
    Locate 'NewGradient.png' and Open.
    Paint away...

    Use tool of choice to lay down base colour (without using the stencil).
    Load stencil.
    Use (z) zoom to resize stencil.
    Use (r) rotate to change location.
    Select chalk. Double click size. set Tool Size % to 500.
    To avoid little dots change Paper Roughness to 0% before using chalk and turn it up to 50% again after.

    400x300 canvas. Yellow paint. 4x3 stencil zoomed to fill all. Painted with red chalk 500% in two strokes.

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