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Thread: Checks and ticks

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    Checks and ticks

    Was noticing people's comments about missing new paintings because the checks/ticks went away before they could look at them.

    Is there a way to make it so that the ticks remain until the person has seen the picture, no matter whether people log off and back on?


    I was also wondering if there were a way to have there be a separate box just to show when new paintings (visual content vs. written) are up. It seems like it requires a lot of extra looking around when sometimes all that has been added to a thread is "Wow!"

    As nice for the painter as this might be, I could see that being something where one could look at several in a single visit, rather than opening each thread for one.

    With all the activity on the board, it would be nice to make it manageable in this way as well.

    :?: :idea:

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    Alas, I'm afraid there isn't a way around this. Once you close your browser / Log off, next time you come back to the forums those ticks you previously saw will be gone. Just a limitation of the system at this point unfortunately. It would certainly be handy.
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    I keep the cookie(I get rid of any others) that the Artrage Forum site puts on my computer. And when I open my browser it automatically logs me in to the site(I have the forum set as a tab on my home page, the main one is igoogle) I have found that I can pretty much keep up with what threads I've read and what I haven't. I have to re-login every once in awhile after McAfee's does a scan because it clears the cookie.... (I use CCleaner to clean my cookies you can set it to leave certain cookies alone) :lol:

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    I have bumped up a few 'unanswered posts' this morning and wondered why they hadn't been replied to.

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