Sorry, it's been forever since I posted on this forum! Buisy with college and all!

Anyways, I just seen that ArtRage plus was released and the timing couldn't be better! The fact that it comes with an 80 page manual and tutorials makes it even more attractive as a gift.

My mom just bought her very own laptop a month ago. And I figured since she loves painting with acrylic paint, but isn't tech saavy I could buy this for her.

I personally like to use more advanced painting software and I work on Maya even though my laptop is outdated to use them. This really sucks because whenever I try to render a scene or even display textures on maya I can't see a thing because I don't have the minimum software requirements! I even have huge limitations with 2d software because my laptop comes to a halt when I start using more than three layers or make an image larger than 1000-1500 pixels large.

I'm currently debating over getting buying a new computer or laptop in order to use them properly. I don't have the money though so it will be a while before I can afford it.

Since I already had a copy of Artrage myself I know that it's easy enough to use, plus her laptop should be able to handle it.