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Thread: Shuttle Pro 2 integration?

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    Shuttle Pro 2 integration?

    I don't know how many people have heard of this unit - it is popular among audio and video editors because it adds a solid jog and function key interface to many popular editing suites... The unit itself costs around $99 and is Mac and Windows compatible...

    The reason why I bring it up here is that I would love to be able to use it in conjunction with this program. Please hear me out...

    I have attached a photo so that people can see what I am taling about.

    The silver dial in the center is a bi-directional jog. The ring outside the silver wheel is a spring-loaded scrollwheel.

    Usually the jog disc is used to walk forward and backward at a consistent rate through a media file. I'd like this to be tied to the rotation of the canvas.

    The spring loaded ring usually advances or retreats the position in the video at a speed determined by how far you turn the ring. I'd like this to be mapped to the +/- of the principal tool selected.

    You can see there are nine clear buttons above the wheel - these could be assigned to each of the tools on the left.

    You can also see the two black buttons... Let's say holding one of those down and twisting the wheel could change the zoom level, while the other could select the active layer.

    I know this may sound crazy, but I'd feel more comfortable being artistic with this kind of two handed operation being possible - especially control of some things (stroke size, for example) that would otherwise be difficult (or impossible) to control while completing a stroke.

    I guess the obvious answer is to just use my mouse, but my mouse is set to right hand and I draw with my right... Anyway, it is just a thought.
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