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Thread: Using layers and make frames on picture.

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    Using layers and make frames on picture.

    I make one drawing to show how can use layers and make frames on the drawings. Also how can easily test what frame color fit on drawings.

    Can use same frames at many different paintings objects, when make object png-format and paper setting opacity is 0.
    Then can load this object through load tracing image and convert to layer (that object layer).

    Object = bench and campfireplace at this drawings.

    Backround is made oil-pencil to small canvas size and then rescaling canvas bigger size. I use right side palette colors to make this backround colors.

    Hmm. Quess where i found colors this palette?

    (Image is capturet on screen using irfanview program. Thanks Fashmir that irfanview program tips.)

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    Nice result!

    That colour palette reminds me of the "Paint my cat" colour set =)

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