I like drawing manga style art in my spare time and I find Artrage to be exceptionally useful tool for this kind of work esp. when using it with my tablet PC.

So here are some of the things that I've come up with in no particular order while using artrage. Some might already be mentioned by others but worded differently, but I put it in anyways to show that I'm another customer who wants what the other guys wants as well

Selection/Lasso tool
Self explainatory really. Just the basics though ie. I dont always draw everything in the correct position or scale, and I might need to move something a few pixels to where ever. Maybe the option to feather/soft selection would be nice, but anything else more complex I let photoshop deal with it.

Custom tool/brush palette
Sometimes I want a pencil thats at 10% and with 50% pressure, then in another minute I might want a pencil at 15% with 60% softness, etc. And adjusting it everytime esp. with my tablet pc is a pain... So basically a palette/toolbox with a bunch of your customised brushes at different settings.
Also, I use the top of my tablet pc pen to erase so if you could keep that in mind ie. When I flip my pen upside down and go into eraser mode, the custom palette also goes into eraser mode too with a selection of eraser sizes etc... Something like that would be awesome.

Better color samples panel
The color samples panel helps me out alot when coloring, but its still pretty basic. I found you can't sort your colours properly. For example, You can't move a custom color for the bottom of the list to the top.
Also, a grouping function would be awesome too ie. You have a group for Hair colours, eye colours, skin colors.
Essentially, it would have the same sorting capabilities of the layer panel.

More accurate angles on stencils etc.
So far the stencils or anything that can be rotated can only take angle of whole numbers ie. 45, 46, 90, 274. When something is big, a long ruler for example, 1 degree would make a massive difference. Currently you can actually rotate something to between whole angles, but when you go into the "set stencil angle..." submenu it rounds it to the nearest whole number. So the ability to set angles with more than 0 decimal places

More tablet PC friendly
Gestures or Pen button menu. My tablet pc pen has ONE button on its side which is equivalent to a normal right click. A right click in artrage hides all the panels, which I think is kinda useless and annoying (sorry :?). I was thinking of something similar to Alias sketchbook: Left click and a bunch of function buttons appear around the cursor. Or even gestures: think of
the game black and white or the firefox gestures plugin. Right click and drag to the left to go into pan mode, right click do a squiggle to chose a brush etc. User definable. Right click once to cancel and return to brush.

Tooltips so you know what's what exactly

I dont know if other Tablet PC users have this problem, but when I go into a dialog where you can enter in the value you want like the color control dialog, hovering over the text boxes doesn't bring up the TIP (tablet pc input panel) icon so I can input the value. I have use a external keyboard or twist the tablet pc around and use the onboard keyboard which is time consuming and breaks your train of thought, (input other excuses and whinges here )

I normally pan with by right clicking (pen button) and dragging. This is fine and all but when you pan using this method it creates a little spot of the brush you're using everytime you lower the pen to drag and pan further. If you dont get what I mean, make a new canvas, select paint tube, set brush size to max, and pan by right clicking the work surface and dragging.
Pan around for a while and you'll see it'll make fat blobs of paint everywhere. I found the only way to deal with this is to press undo after every pan or erase it all afterwards.

Pencil, dropper, marker, crayon brush goes into "precise cursor" mode when the brush size is small. The "precise" cursor is in actuality very imprecise I think; not as precise as the dot like cursor.

Ink Art pencil encore
Ink Art was Art Rage back in the old days or something like that. It came free with the microsoft tablet pc experience pack, which was also free to people who had an authetic version of Windows XP tablet pc version. The pencil brush in Ink Art was extremely good in my opinion for drawing manga. Anyway, I am not able to replicate the fantastic pencil on Ink Art using any kinda settings of the pencil in ArtRage2. Has anyone managed to do this? If not, masters of ArtRage please add in even more configurability for the pencil so it can behave like the old pencil once again