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Thread: frankie or an alien

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    frankie or an alien

    i have been working on this for awhile. havnt finished due to halloween party im throwing for my kids, well before i finish it I want some fresh eyes on it.

    this was inspired by a carboard frank head but it came out with its own personility. he looks totally diffrent than what I was using as a referance. The original looked very sad to me so I tried to capture that. but i look at my painting and I cant put my finger on what he is feeling.

    I know the eye is widely spaced. Trust me I tried to move the eye over and it didn't feel right. I problaly did the eye 5 times and I guess he wanted his eye that way. lol

    my children says it looks more like an alien to them than frank just curious what fresh eyes might think.

    maybe will finish it both ways. sorry for the spelling I am horrible at that. lol
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