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Thread: OT: Simple graffiti application

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    OT: Simple graffiti application

    I have been playing with an application on facebook for the past few months. It's just a simple drawing application with one round brush that you can vary the size and opacity of the paint. But for some reason, I really enjoy doodling with it every now and then...I think it's the challenge of coming up with something using an extremely limited toolset that draws me.

    Anyway, They've added a feature that allows playback of the drawing and I wanted to share (I used Jing to get a screen capture).
    Go to

    If you want to play with the application and don't have a facebook account, there's a version of it here:

    Below is the finished product.

    I know it's way off topic, but there was something fun about seeing myself draw something in instant replay. So I just had to share it! :-D
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    Hi Erica,

    That's something so fun. I like to play with it. This is my experiment within 5 mins after go to the link. I like simplicity tool even it's limited but it's so fun. Thanks for sharing. Now, I'm going to play again
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    Those are beautifully done pumpkins CS. The lighting is beautiful as always.
    Thanks for the link to see it being made.
    And thanks for the fun little painting program too. Ha ha.
    Pai what a lovely thing you made in 5 minutes. Mine took about 30 minutes
    I think... hee hee. I wasn't paying attention to the time.
    It was fun to try even with such rudimentary tools.
    It is just amazing what you did with it CS.
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