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    Hidden options

    Not really a suggestion, just some wondering

    I've seen mentioned that there are some options, namely for the airbrush tool and the lighting of the canvas, that are hidden, in order to make artrage more user friendly, and the tools more natural. As was mentioned an airbrush with 10 different dials would not be an airbrush anymore :P

    While that is proven to be a good choice indeed, judging from artrage's current usability, I think it'd be interesting to have a way to alter some of these options (which I suspect exist in every tool). Perhaps not even through GUI; just an ini-type file, changing stuff only when present. There could even be some exchange of ini files with options to achieve this or that effect, through the forums.
    Usability would basically remain the same, since there'd be no gui changes/cluttering, people not wanting any changes would simply not have such a file, and people not wanting to edit a text file to experiment , would still be able to download other people's settings.
    The downside would be that it would perhaps lead to fidgetting with numbers on Notepad more often than what would be appropriate, but then again that'd only be optional.

    Would that be possible or even desirable ?

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    I would welcome customization that can be written as presets. In addition to making my life easier in my work flow, it would make teaching more simple for me. I could post a custom brush an suggestions of how to use it. My preference would be a fly-out on the tool's settings pallete that would allow for save/load preset and a list of presets available. I don't want to edit such a thing in a text editor. My $0.02
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    I was thinking about presets too, here is a mock up of an idea for brush presets ala Fashmir.

    Clicking on a tool selects it as normal. If you double tap a tool, the brush selector expands to show the presets. The final click selects the new brush which becomes the default.

    The little plus allows you to add new presets. This only shows when the tool is expanded.
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    That is excellent ! I can just imagine the extra brushes popping out from under the default one, it looks very useful indeed.
    When custom brushes get addet I hope they'd be like that =D

    And there could be a window like the one for paper settings, in which the presets would be edited.

    Apart from presets, though, I was imagining a settings file with more obscure options than ones that would normally go in the interface. Most certainly, messing with such a file would make the tools worse and less natural (such as a more solid non-airbrush, or a scattered non-marker) but I'm just curious :P

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    We're looking at options for brush presets and favourites.
    It's an interesting challenge to avoid clutter.
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    That is awsome......

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