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Thread: Apple expo, Paris

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    Apple expo, Paris

    Hi ArtRage team,
    I'm right back from "Apple Expo" in Paris, and I just wanted to say that ArtRage was demoed on the Wacom booth (among a few other apps, like Photoshop and Painter). That was fun to see that, and, obviousily, ArtRage is a good argument for Wacom...
    de l'art ou du cochon

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    WORLD DOMINATION :twisted:


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    I think a major draw card for AR is the fact that it is so uncomplicated
    this means professionals and amateurs alike can jump right in on day one and get going.

    And then when we see professionals choosing to use AR, and just going into other programs to do final touch-ups... well this is a great vote of confidence.

    And of course there is the work done entirely in AR by skillful individuals that make one realize the old computer adage of "everything is possible..."

    I'm not surprised to learn that AR is such a success and am encouraged to learn professionals also rate it. 8)

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    Thanks for that, Sar.
    It's good to know!
    AndyRage's mantra for graphics engine code:
    "Sure - how hard can it be?"

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