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Thread: after using ArtRage for a year and a half now

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    after using ArtRage for a year and a half now

    Lets see...after using ArtRage for a year and a half now........

    I am happy with it.....and rarely use other software for painting.........actually i dont use other software for painting....i cant tbe bothered with all the menus and stuff........

    I really like the freedom of the application.....sit and paint

    There were a few things that would have made life a bit easier while I was painting........

    1) a few more blenders wouldbe nice.....(like they have in Painter)
    2) a few more brush variants
    3) brightness and contrast sliders.....
    4) some selection tools like lasso etc
    5) shear and skewer tools...when selection is made it can be sheared and skewered to preferred persectives
    6) I never tried watercolours but that would be nice

    If those were in there ...keeping the GUI the same .......I think it would be the perfect painting software :lol:
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  2. I support no 3 with brigness and contrast. Actually lavel or even curve would be great. Its very usefull to have those option at the end of painting to make final tuning, thats where digital painting show advantage over traditional madia, so why not use it.



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    Brightness/Contrast thirded, it's pretty much the only option I think is missing.

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    I believe the current brushes are good enough and no need to add more. Corel Painter just has to many brushes.

    But it might be interesting to see how a 'simple water' brush goes.

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