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Thread: Wacoms pen nibs

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    Wacoms pen nibs

    Is anyone else finding out that their wacom intuos tablet's pen nibs are grinding down really fast?
    I don't even push that hard on the tablet and there's already a sharp edge on the side from the angle that I usually hold it on.
    It came with three extra nibs, but they're really expensive and I'm getting concerned that I'll end up paying a ton of money...
    just on the nibs!
    Any tips (besides 'don't push so hard') or solutions?

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    I was concerned about the nibs after my first one wore away within the first two months. After replacing it, I noticed that the second one was holding up a little better. I'm currently on my third nib and can't even remember when I had replaced it. Just give it some time. Once you smooth down the surface from drawing on it, the nibs won't wear out so fast.
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    Not at all sure if it would help but they sell a plastic sheet to protect the surface of some of the Wacom models. Anyone know if drawing on one of those reduces wear on the nib?

    Then again, Epson doesn't make their profit on printers, they make it on ink cartridges.

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    I get through maybe 1 nib a year (I use the tablet daily) but I think that maybe not all nibs are created equal! There definitely seems to be some element of luck involved.
    Which nibs are you using? I favour the felt nib for drawing type tools and the flex nib for more brush like tools.
    Take some time and fiddle with the pressure settings for the pen as well. I've probably spent hours getting them "just so" for the different apps I use it with. And having taken the time, don't forget to save a backup of your Wacom settings. You never know when you may need it!
    As for the surface the current one is about 3 years old and a bit too smooth and slipy for my liking now. I was going to replace it but thought I might try some smooth thin card in stead and see how that goes. So far I like the feel but its to soon to tell how it will wear.
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    I recently bought a new Intuos which devoured a nib in a week. Being impoverished I found this disturbing so I turned the pressure sensitivity way down so I don't have to push as hard. I also rotate my stylus like a pencil so it wears evenly. I've not had to replace it since. I'm sure you probably know this but Bamboo nibs will work in an Intuos. I gave my bamboo to my wife and I had several new nibs so I tried one and it worked.

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    Once I was working on a tight deadline and the studio was completely out of nibs (almost never happens) so on a hunch I got a round toothpick from the kitchen, did a bit of whittling and shoved it into the tip of my stylus. Worked fine.
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    Fashmir, that is a great tip

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    Thank you so much everyone, I feel a whole lot better now.
    I will try some things out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justjean View Post
    Fashmir, that is a great tip
    . . .or at least a homespun nib. If it works for everybody else too that would be brilliant.
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    It must be that way...

    If the nib wears down it is the way it is supposed to be. The surface of the drawing surface must be stronger than the nib, or the surface will wear down first. By investing a small amount of money in original spare nibs the drawing tablet will last long, many years. After 3 years with my Intous 4 I have not yet used all spare nibs that was in the pen stand. And use my Wacom a lot...

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