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Thread: Trouble with rotate

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    Trouble with rotate

    Regarding the rotation function:
    First thank you for adding the space bar option for both moving and rotating! I'm also looking forward to the bug fix to centre rotation in the viewing area and not the canvas.
    The other problem I myself am having though, is with the rotation function sometimes stopping and swinging in the opposite direction that I want it to go. Other than this trouble I've been having with rotate, Artrage has been such a wonderfully intuitive program to draw with, thank you for developing such an excellent piece of software.

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    It seems to me that the direction of rotation is consistent with my motion on the bottom half of the screen, but is in the opposite direction on the upper half of the screen.

    This may be what you are encountering. Especially of your motion crosses between the two halves, in which case you motion starts to undo itself.


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    If you sit in front of a dinner plate and grab the top edge and move it left you get a counter clockwise motion on the plate. If you grab the bottom however, moving left you get a clockwise motion. Now imagine you can turn this plate with your mouse pointer. This is what many might expect from the rotation option in ArtRage. That is what seemed logical to me without having to give it any thought, it seemed natural. In Art Rage you have to simply remember that, in canvas rotation mode Left drag= clockwise, Right drag= counter clockwise. Draging up and down will just lead to tears.
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