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    How can I change default canvas, the one used when a new document is created or a new image is imported. At the moment default is soft of grainy one. I want to use completly flat one. I know I can create a template and apply to a layer, but with few layers that becomes annoying. I am using psd format and I prefer that unless you are going to develop levels/curves/saturation option for layers as in PSP.



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    Hi there,

    ArtRage currently doesn't have a way to edit the default canvas. When starting a new painting, you can use the "Cel" preset if you want a completely smooth transparent paper, or if you want a smooth opaque paper, use the Cel preset as a basis and turn the opacity to 100%, then saving that preset under a different name for future use.

    If you've imported an image to start a new painting, the quickest way to change the paper texture is to right click on the layer panel, select paper settings and click the preset you want to use.

    Beyond that, if you've started an image, you shouldn't need to apply any paper settings changes beyond the base layer, as all subsequent layers adopt the same canvas texture by default, so if your first layer is set to 0% roughness before you add further layers, all further layers you add will be at 0% roughness, likewise if you've imported an image to start apainting, then set the paper to 0% roughness, all further layers will adopt that setting by default. ( New layers adopt the paper settings of the layer beneath them ). Hope that's of some use.
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  3. Thanks DaveRage for your swift answer. All you describe is true, but its not my case, propably I didnt explained well enough. I have pds file with few layers already created. When I import the image and change canvas to flat on one of layers (base for example) the others still have default one. So to make change for whole image I have to go layer by layer and select my preset. I would be good to be able to do in one hit or simply define a preset that would be used as default for every image and every layer ever created/imported.

    Anyway, at the moment I help myself with switching off global lighting, so canvas texture doesnt matter anymore.

    BTW, thanks for very promising product. Few more things like curves, levels, masks ect and I will not need anything else. Keep good work



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