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Thread: Top Menu bar disappeared

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    gymnart Guest

    Top Menu bar disappeared

    I don't remember what button was pushed but the top menu bar has disappeared.

    I had uninstalled A.R. 2 and then re-installed it but the top menu bar was still gone so is there a registry entry somewhere that is doing that? Is there a short cut key somewhere that would bring the top menu bar back?

    Is there a preferences file somewhere to edit?

    Meanwhile i have installed A.R. 1.1.

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    If you're using ArtRage 2.5, hold down the spacebar while you start it up - that will delete the preferences file.

    Alternatively, exit ArtRage and locate the artrage.prs file. It should be in "application data\ambient design\artrage 2"
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    Also, in case it's any help for the future, pressing the TAB key will toggle all the panels to expand and retract, so if you're missing a panel, you may find that does the trick.
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    gymnart Guest
    Deleting the .prs file did the trick. (tab key did not bring the top bar back, and holding the spacebar while starting it up did not work for me).

    I found out what caused the problem:
    I used the "minimize" button and then in the taskbar, I clicked on it to bring it back and that's when the top menu bar disappeared. I don't know if it's something with my operating system (using Wine 0.9.42 on Linux) or if this happens in general. Otherwise, it all works great!

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