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Thread: Vote for ArtRage 2.5 @ MacGeneration

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    Vote for ArtRage 2.5 @ MacGeneration

    ArtRage 2.5 has been nominated for best creative software. The site's in French, sorry. If running it through Google's translator doesn't help, let me know and I'll post a translation here.

    I just came across it and voted, so thought I'd mention it here.

    P.S. Hey all, it's been a loooong time. I moved (from Florida back home to NY), and am sort of concentrating on transitioning from a freelancer/consultant to a "regular grunt," and so hobbies and extracurricular online activities had to unfortunately be put on hold. Hope everyone is doing well.

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    Welcome back, JustG!

    Thanks for linking the website, that's really neat too.
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