I've encountered a few situations, especially lately, where I am unable to contact some users who have emailed me. This has tended to be due to overly aggressive spam filtering and bad reply addresses for the most part according to the error messages I have received back.

If you have not received an answer to a support email:

1/ Emails are checked and answered Monday to friday New Zealand time. If you have emailed on the weekend there may be a delay as the office is closed. If that's the case, we will get back to you on Monday NZ time.

2/ Check that your reply address in your email client is correct and matches your real email address

3/ Check your junk mail folder in your email client. If your email client is incorrectly identifying emails from support@artrage.com or support@ambientdesign.com as spam, you may find the reply there

4/ Make sure that emails from support@artrage.com and support@ambientdesign.com are allowed if you are running any spam filter software.

5/ If your internet provider is incorrectly blocking these emails automatically because their system believes them to be spam ( It's rare but I've seen it before ) you may consider trying a different email account to get in touch with us.

You can also post in the technical support forum or send me a private message. Just clicking the "PM" link at the base of this message for example, will send me a private message via the forums.

Just want to make sure people can get information back from us, we do want to help you out!