I love the new additions to ArtRage and have been exporing them eagerly.
I have used the programme extensively for producing images for animation. Each movable part I paint on a separate layer to be exported as a .png. .

Forground, midground and background scenery is created in the same way, with separate layers. The figure to be animated is painted in position between the scenery layers.

The separate layer png's are then used, after judicial cropping, in an animation package which utilises 'bones' to manipulate the images.

What I end up with is an animated 'painting' complete with brush-strokes.

The new naming facility has been agreat help and I love the fact that you can now group layers. This allows me to put the characters within a named layer group. What would be even better is a facility to export ALL the layers in one go using the layer names for each individual image file, perhaps even automatically making separate folders for the named layer groups and saving the group layers in each newly created folder.

Is this just wishful thinking or is it really possible?

With regard to Vector v Bitmap. I was one of the intial beta testers of the versatile Xara package way back in the early 90's having extensively used it's predeccessor, 'Artworks' on the Acorn RISCOS machine. I now use the latest XaraX Pro to produce vector images. While you can produce almost photorealistic, infinitely scaleable images with Xara, It cannot even come close to producing images the like of which can be created in ArtRage.

Natural painting is what ArtRage is best at and I love it for that.