Seriously, come on. Have you seen the ruler? It's SO DAMN CUTE! This program is ridiculously fun, yet so powerful! I'm no artist, but the gallery here shows the most breathtaking and wonderful art. I only wish I had that talent.

I love programs like ArtRage, Blender, L3DT. So inexpensive that those without curiosity in their blood will just dismiss them and wander off to fight with Corel or 3DSMax. But I call these programs sleeper hits. They look simple on the surface, but if you dig a little, you realize they are far more powerful than imagined.

The greatest pleasure is full support for my Intuos3! It's so natural, with tilt support and everything. I just set one of the touch strips to adjust my brush size and away I go. Doodling and sketching like a kid.

I'll never paint as well as most of you guys that I've seen on the forum, but anyone learning how to draw or paint will just love this program.

Thanks so much!

(If you're into 3D modeling, check out ZBrush, it's truly unique and in a space of its own too. It's like working with a ball of clay, and made for your tablet, but it's all 3D! $700 though...)