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Thread: Custom Color Pickers

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    Custom Color Pickers

    I've found that the standard color pickers ... intimidate me. With an entire rainbow available, I don't really know where to start in searching for the color I want. I can't find skin tones, etc.

    Art rage has a very cool mechanism for creating your own color pickers. Basically, you can turn any image you'd like into a custom color picker. I've created 3 new ones for myself and figured someone here might benefit from them as well.

    The first is just the standard 12 color wheel from Wikipedia. The second and third are skin tones and hair colors. For these I found a set of RGB values on the web, typed them in, and arranged them into a shape that would fit well in the color picker. If you make your own color pickers from these images, you can choose whether you'd like the black borders or not. (I personally chose the rightmost version with no borders.)

    Here are the steps to make a custom color picker in ArtRage 2.5.

    Start with a blank page (or, at least, save whatever you're working on, because this will close it).
    1) File->Import Image
    2) Choose the image you want to import (ie Skintone Wheel.png).
    3) You're going to need to zoom in or out on the image to make it the right size. For me, 85% was right for the skin tones and hair colors. You'll end up experimenting with this, so don't worry too much about it yet.
    4) On the Art Rage color picker, at the bottom just to the left of the current color is a triangle pointing up. Click it.
    5) Choose Custom Picker->Create Custom Picker
    6) This puts a window on the screen with an X and a check mark. Position the window over what you want to be in your color picker. Whatever you see in the window is what you'll see in the picker when it's done. If the image is too big or too small, hit the X, zoom in or out, and go back to step 4.
    7) When you've got the image at the right size and the window positioned correctly over it, click the check mark.
    8) This will bring up a box that lets you name the picker. Give it a name that makes sense to you (I used ColorWheel, SkinTones, and HairColors).

    That's it.

    Now, whenever you want to use one of these color pickers, click the triangle on the color picker, and go to Custom Picker->Pickers. Your new pickers will be there.

    Mike Calligaro
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    Thanx for the Hair/Skintones.

    One note about the Byrcolorwheel.
    I think it was originally published by Johannes Itten in 1961 originating back to the work of Newton 1666. It applies to real world color mixing, but will probably give you trouble in a digital world. Read on:

    One minor annoyance with the Custom Pickers are that you cannot see what color you last picked. The pick-circle goes away - making it hard to pick a color next to current pick.

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    Thanks DoodLS. I've been lurking for a while, and it was that post of yours that originally led me to the wikipedia page. The wheel works for me because I'm not really interested in printing anything. What I'm doing will stay forever on the computer. So I've just been saying "I want a blue" and clicking on the part of the wheel that looks blue to me. Then I play with the tone by sliding the right slider up and down until I get the color I want. I suspect that I could do the same thing with the full picker, but it's less intimidating to start from the 12 colors.


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