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Thread: transparent layers?

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    transparent layers?

    Probably a stupid question (sorry) but I cant seem to find the answer in the manual.

    When I import a png file with a transparent background to embellish with paint and glitter, it imports with an opaque background and exports the same. PITA as I have to re-tube the image to get the transparent background. Any suggestions? Anyway to change settings whatever to have it that the backgrounds remain transparent when I import them? Make sense?LOL

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    Hi WenchdGrafix,
    Are you using the Full edition, or the Free edition of ArtRage?

    In the Full edition, you can set the paper opacity to 0%, then export the layer or painting as a PNG, and the transparency will be preserved.
    You also have the option of importing the transparent PNG to a new layer, which also preserves the transparency.

    In ArtRage, we treat paper and paint as separate sub-layers. You can independently change the paper beneath your paint. When you import a transparent PNG, we turn the opaque portions of the PNG into paint, and apply that to the default paper. But you can edit the paper settings to make that paper totally transparent, which will leave your paint (the imported PNG) against a transparent background when you export it again.
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    Thanks for getting back to me! I'm using the full version (Proud to PaY!!)lol...just upgraded now too so I'll give it a whirl. Thanks for the help!


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