Just wanted to say I love Artrage! It's a simply amazing art tool and in my book beats the pants off of Painter. Thanks for the latest version 2.5, I really like the enhancements you've added.

I think the ONLY tool that I think is missing from 2.5 would be some sort of a transform tool with a traditional Lasso tool. Sometimes when I am painting something I realize that perhaps the eye or the hand has gotten too big from my adding layers etc. and I would like to be able to tweak it. Not just resize but stretch and squash it as well if needed, as well as rotate the image too. Granted I wouldn't have this ability if I was working with real paint but seeing as how digital is the way we're doing it, I think we should take advantage of the assets of digital vs. traditional. Maybe I am the only one who would use this tool but I doubt it. Even if you don't add this feature I think you guys rock!