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Thread: Airbrush tilt

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    Airbrush tilt

    When I used the airbrush tool, it still as an "edge" even when "tilt" is set to zero. I've tried all degrees , but can only get a "no edge" effect , if I hold my wacom pen at 90 degrees to the tablet. And it's obvously quite uncomfortable and difficult.
    Is it not possible to switch the "tilt" completely off when using the airbrush tool?

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    Hi there,

    Currently it's not possible to disable tilt within ArtRage when it's supported by the stylus being used. You can change the tilt sensitivity, although this may not be related, in your Wacom tablet software, but I am not aware of a way to turn it off entirely there either when I checked.
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    Please add a Tilt "off" button

    I'm so glad you offer tilt support, and at times it truly is wonderful when working with my Cintiq. But more often than not I just don't want tilt.

    PLEASE add a Tilt Off feature, or at the very least make 0% mean 0 tilt.


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