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Thread: kids' mode

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    kids' mode

    My kids love using ArtRage. Between the hiding palettes and the simple interface they can do a lot without getting frustrated. With the addition of some fairly minor features this could blow the socks off any kids art program out there!

    Specifically, what would be nice though is a way to "lock" the program (similar idiom to the ice dispenser lock on modern refrigerators) so they can have their fun without getting in weird modes.

    This lock mode should:
    1) put the application into fulscreen/exclusive so if they accidentally bump the windows key they don't start messing with the desktop
    2) optionally don't allow tool/color/menu palettes to activate... so younger kids don't accidentally switch from the crayon to the fill tool or close their masterpiece without saving, etc...

    Anyway, keep up the good work guys!

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    That is some brilliant suggestions, Kurt. Good thinking!

    I've had kids using ArtRage too, and they just love it. But I stray from having them painting without me sitting with them (it's my work computer) but with a few added features they can keep painting for hours without parental guidance and I would only need to be there when they need to save a painting.

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    Kids mode was a suggestion I made ages ago. My kids age 6 and 7 have both now got the hang of using the tablet and picking colours and so on, but it was surprisingly tricky at first. I still need to help them out now and again.

    An application lock and an easy way for them to save/create new images would be the most important suggestions. I'm not keen on them having access to a file dialog.

    Perhaps an ArtRage journal type of thing would be better. Each user would have an easily selected profile which recorded their images in a calendar.

    Another suggestion for the very young would be for ready made pencil or crayon sets. Perhaps ArtRage could get sponsorship from 'Crayola' for a free kids version.

    See Crayola's flash drawing app.

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