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Thread: Layer import sizes

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    Layer import sizes

    Just purchased ArtRage today and found that a 2 layer Photoshop image won't import but a single will although it does take some time. My question is what is the size/layer limit for imports? My images are created in Photoshop at 16X20 inches and 300ppi and about 80megs per layer. Also curious to know if there are any plans to allow 8bf plugins such as the KPT line. I live for Fraxplorer and base most of my work around it.

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    Hi Mivan.
    300dpi at 16 x 20 inches is 4800 x 6000 pixels in size.
    That's a really large image! ArtRage doesn't have as good memory management as Photoshop. Additionally we need to store much more information per layer than Photoshop needs to - as well as colour, we have paint depth, wetness information, and reflectivity and shininess.

    I'm looking at putting better memory management into ArtRage (but lets face it, that's whole bunches of no fun to be working on when I could be doing better tools!)

    We're looking at options for interoperability with other applications as well, so plugin support might make it to a future release.
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