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Thread: the list of papers available to AR

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    the list of papers available to AR


    David's tutorial for capturing paper texture (BTW:You spoil us with wondrous goodies D.) shows more than 6 papers at a time (under EDIT PAPER SETTINGS), I only show 6 at a time. How do I join the crowd and get my
    AR to show more than 6?

    Do you understand what I mean?

    Also can you point me to any available tutorial of how to post a texture, please? I 'd like to share but I'd like EASY, if I can do it that way.

    Thanks... If I need to clarify anything, I'll be glad to.

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    The edit paper settings window displays only as many as the size of the ArtRage window will allow.

    For example:

    Tools -> Layer options -> Paper settings
    Note that you will have a certain number there. If the window is made larger or your screen resolution is made greater, then more will be displayed. However, you can easily get to your additional settings via clicking "Next" and "Previous" at the bottom right and left of the list of previews.
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