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Thread: Using a modifier key to interactively scale the brush size..

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    Using a modifier key to interactively scale the brush size..

    Is it possible to get an interactive brush size scale modifier modifier (and maybe a modifier shortcut for the 3 most used bursh properties (Pressure, Thinner, Loading))

    To get an idea what i'm talking about, take a look at how Maya's brush shortcut works (B key) or how SilhouetteFX Paint works (i believe the Shift key)

    for example, when keeping the Shift key or other shortcut key pressed you can scale the brush size by dragging the mouse/pen left or right.

    I'm suggesting this because i hate having to go through the endless sequences of: want to change brush, leave fullscreen mode, change brush size, test on document, resize again and repeat until okay, enter fullscreen mode again.

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    Try the Silhouette Paint demo to see what i mean (CTRL is the brush resize modifier key)


    I noticed this to be a sorely missing time saving and workflow enhancing feature in most Paint software (yes even Bloatoshop)

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    In AR you can scale the brush size by pressing the arrowkeys left and right. Hold shift also and you will scale it faster.

    However, I have also suggested the 'hold button and drag' feature to scale the brush, and I agree it is very nice for a painting workflow. (I love this feature in Painter for example).

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    on my tablet ,I use one of my touchstrips to adjust pensize. works great !
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    It's a real pain to change values for thinners loading and brush size (yeah, I know you can change the last two via the arrow keys)... I often paint a whole image without changing those properties just beacuse it's too much hastle to change a value for just the one stroke it's needed than revert back....
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    It's especially nice to have a quick way to change brush size. It looks like you need a tablet with a touch strip to have the best for this. However, I do it by having one of my pen buttons set to shift then all I need is the arrow keys to adjust by 1% or 10% with a pen button. Better than having to also use the shift key.

    I think Artrage could definitely do with improving in this area. These quick ways to edit aspects of the brush make for much more natural looking results.

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