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Thread: Loading grains

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    Loading grains

    I'm having trouble loading grains.
    I've downloaded the grain and saved it as a jpg. Then I put in into the grain folder. Nothing shows up in the presets. So then I tried clicking on grain and loading the file, still no new presets have shown up.
    My operating system is a Mac OS X. I am using the newest version of Artrage.
    Could someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong.
    Thank you.

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    When you start a new painting, or open the paper settings panel for a layer, at the bottom of the panel you'll see a row of circular controls. At the far right is color, and at the far left is the grain preview. If you click in the circle that has the grain preview it will open the paper texture panel. You can either choose one of the three defaults, or you can click on the 'Load a file...' button.
    That will allow you to load your custom paper bitmap.
    When you've set up the paper's colour, roughness, metallicity etc. you can click the 'Make New Preset' button to add that canvas to your presets selection.
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    thank you!!!

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