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Thread: Color picking/management v2.5

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    Color picking/management v2.5

    Dear ArtRage team,

    1. It would be nice to have an indication of the last color picked.

    a. When using Custom Pickers the white/grey circle indicating where I last pressed disappear.

    b. Also it would be good to have an indication of the last pick from the Color Samples Panel - e.g. with the same little white/grey circle. Sometimes it's hard to remember which of several paints I last used.

    2. The Color Samples Panel have been improved but I think there is still room for more..

    a. When I use Load colors they replace the current ones I have done. Would be nice if the loaded colors where just appended.

    b. Panel Window X-adjustable. Or smaller font size for color names.

    c. It would also be nice to be able to rearrange the colors e.g. by dragging them around.

    As an alternative, it could be done in a simple text editor with a simple .txt import/export feature with colors listed as #RRGGBB and Name for each line, e.g.

    #FF8800 Pure Orange
    #D58735 Yellow Ochre PY43
    #272318 Ivory Black


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    I would like to be able to pick colours from a reference image without needing to press alt.

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