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Thread: Pencil case

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    Pencil case

    Please, can we have an option to save the current state of a brush.

    Maybe a pencil case would fit the ArtRage gui paradigm.

    Brush history...

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    I suggested this as well. Such a feature would be very much appreciated.
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    Way back when, in what I think was Lotus' competitor to the Office suite, they had a program that ran all the time, docked to the edge of the screen. That program used a drawer metaphor, and when you clicked on a drawer, out popped a drawer full of whatever - programs, files, etc.

    I could see putting a set of drawers - normally kept tiny at the edge of the screen, that when you clicked on a drawer, out came a set of brushes (user defined, of course!), a set of colors, a set of stencils, etc.

    The drawers could even have old paint drips on the front!

    To take a step further, enabling a mouse click or keystroke to pull up the drawer wherever you were working would be great. Imagine painting over in a corner and deciding you needed to touch up some fine detail. Right-click (no key needed - Tablet PC users may have no keyboard handy!) and you have your handy set of drawers where you grab your favorite detail brush and the necessary color! Oooo-weeee!

    Updated: added terrible example of what I was thinking about!

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    hej peter V

    jeg så din posting og tænkte på at jeg bare lige hurtigt ville spørge om du måske kan hjælpe min kæreste - nyligt afgået fra designskolen . - hun har været ude på NDS og snakke med Guus - der var ikke nogen ledige stillinger...ved du noget nyt og evt. kan du se lidt på hendes portfolio

    vi bruger begge artrage 2.5

    mvh jakobp

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