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Thread: Keyboard 2.5.15 glitchz?

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    Keyboard 2.5.15 glitchz?

    Andy, anyone?

    Don't know if AR2.5.15 running on Win XP Home is supposed to do so, but

    1. When ever I press Alt+Shift, a print dialog is shown.

    Why press Alt+Shift you may ask? Well it happens to me when I use Alt+Tab / Alt+Shift+Tab to change between open applications.

    2. When ever I hold Alt and select a color from the new and improved Color Samples panel, the color is deleted!!!

    Why hold Alt when selecting a color? A habit. Use it all the time to pick up colors from canvas. But not from the Color Samples any more!¤!$!?


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    I've added both of these to our list to be reviewed. The first I can duplicate here, the second was a deliberate decision ( rather than right click, which caused problems due to clicking and dragging and so on ) but we will consider what options we have for that one as well. Thanks for mentioning these!
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