This new version of ArtRage (with stencils) allows me to work on a computer but in a drafting-like mode I learned as a kid. Utterly fantastic and I am completely addicted. Two point perspective, for instance, is easy with guidelines drawn on a reference layer.

For this way of working, it would be helpful if the angle of a stencil (like the ruler) could be displayed on the stencil itself. This display would update in real-time as the user rotates the stencil around the pin.

Perhaps a "guideline" engraved on the stencil (to show the reference line to which the angle refers) would be good for irregularly shaped stencils.

The 3-D package Moment of Inspiration (MoI3d dot com) is similar to ArtRage in that it is designed from the ground up for tablet/pen use. MoI uses temporary guidelines and snap indicators for moving, rotating, and scaling objects.

Perhaps some pieces of the MoI transformation UI paradigm could be adapted to the ArtRage stencil mode.