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Thread: Soft blending knife problem

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    Soft blending knife problem

    The knife works well with the former mode, slows a little with the second and is far from real time effect on the third. You have to wait a variable time lag (probably depending on size and tones to mix).
    I would check on other computers of mine if possible. Suggestions, please?

    May I rehiterate four simple "desiderata" if feasible for possible forthcoming improvement?
    1) Have different brush options.
    2) Have dynamic pencil line size and/or darkness according to pressure on the pen.
    3) Have natural colour mixing for blue and yellow to get green.
    4) ave possibility to insert text in the comics space

    Thank You in advance and congratulations again for such a wonderful software You developed and made available to our souls!!!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    maybe post these in the suggestions forum instead?
    Lead Concept Artist - NDS Denmark

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