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Thread: SpaceNavigator PE support

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    SpaceNavigator PE support


    it would be very cool to see support for the SpaceNavigator PE from 3DCONNEXOIN in an upcoming release of ArtRage. For example, it would be nice to control rotating, panning and zooming with the left hand (or right hand) while still painting with the other hand.


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    I heartily agree.

    It may seem very marginal for folks who've never used one, but lemme tell ya, once you get comfortable using a Spacenavigator to move around in all your favorite applications, jumping into an app that doesn't support it is kinda like leaving the paved road for a dusty, bumpy, road with lots of potholes. Maybe a bit dramatic, but hopefully you get the point. It really wouldn't be much coding, as they have a complete SDK.

    It should control panning, zooming, & rotation, either in a layer, or for the whole image. Tilting may well affect brush/tool width, *but* there should also be options to disable individual functions, such as rotation, for it can be tricky to affect one control without inadvertently affecting another, (such as panning AND tilting at the same time.)

    It should be able to affect these functions without changing the active tool, as it is, in effect, dedicated hardware specifically for those functions.

    Also, the side buttons should be mappable to various functions:
    1) Return to %100, centered, no rotation.
    2) Show/Hide panels
    3) Show 3Dconexxion Control Panel (for setting options & functions)
    4) Add New Layer

    You get the idea...

    So, there's a fair bit of the design work! Proposed, at least. :lol:

    I'm not much of a coder, but a growing number of us would REALLY appreciate this feature!



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    Old thread but want to reply as done elsewhere on forum...

    If you have not noticed, 3D connection has added a new, experimental driver that you can download for free that allows you to map your space navigator to any software. You can map various mouse, keyboard, and macro commands to the various buttons and axes on your 3d connections controller. You can set up some very useful work profiles that greatly speed and smooth workflow. You can currently map zooming along with a number of other Artrage functions to your space navigator. You can actually map rotation as well but it currently does not work well due to the mouse cursor wandering off the Artrage window and stalling rotation.

    While Ambient has clearly stated that they do not plan to add any specific support for this device it would be very, very useful and appreciated if they would add keyboard shortcut access to incremental canvas rotation and canvas panning to match the access given to canvas zooming. It would also be equally useful to give access to keyboard bindings for user generated scripts. Such access would be very helpful for configuring a number of different input devices including Wacom tablet buttons, pen buttons, 2D mice, and 3D mice which are all a part of many users' toolboxes. Any consideration of this request is much appreciated.

    This software rocks the house!

    Link to driver and driver description:

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